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When businesses submit press releases to your news desk, you can direct them to your own branded portal for paid placement.

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Large Network of Readers

Certain businesses may want to reach more readers, perhaps even nationwide!

  • Place stories on AP News, Digital Journal, MSN, USA Today and Yahoo
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Go beyond reach. Now you can drive real  readers to your clients' press releases.

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One Platform, Unlimited Possibilities

Perfect for web properties with any size audience that are looking to deliver real value to their clients.

Offering local businesses an opportunity to improve their digital presence

Adding value to their client relationships and improving reach

Streamlining client onboarding and distribution options

A Digital Press Release Platform Engineered for Growth

Turnkey Monetization

Offer clients content marketing solutions with built in features to amplify their announcement.


Blockchain verification providing original content proof of syndication by hashing on the Blockchian.

Content Amplification

Customizable multi network distribution and content engagement solutions.

Managed Service

Seamlessly integrate our platform to support a simple workflow for onboarding, approving and monetizing marketing content.

Ai Enabled

Simplify content creation with artificial intelligence tools to assist in the creation or enhancement of content.

Distribution Reports

Know the exact sites who have published your press release, how many views it has received, and more.

Distribution Partners